Mrs Lorna Buchanan


Assistant Headteachers

Miss Ruth Bodley and Miss Ronnie Wortley


Teaching Staff

Early Years: Mrs Druce and Miss Pepler

Year 1: Miss Walas

Year 1/ 2: Miss Bodley and Mrs Daniels

Year 2: Mrs Tyrrell

Year 3: Miss Wortley

Year 3/4: Mrs Griffin and Mrs MacLean

Year 4: Miss Lewis

Year 5: Mrs Jefferies

Year 5/6: Mrs Pittman

Year 6: Mrs McGeehan


Other Teaching Staff

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Bullen

Mrs Naish

Miss Jackson


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Price

Mrs Moore

Mrs Nielan

Mrs Dubber

Mrs Beech

Ms McFarlane

Miss Betteridge

Mrs Smith

Mrs Kenny

Mrs Boyd

Mrs Dyer

Miss Smette

Mrs Scioratto

Mrs Crouch

Mrs Gardner


Administration Staff

Mrs Ward

Miss Houghton

Mrs Boxer

Mrs Final


Non Teaching Staff

Mrs Ryder

Mrs Howlett

Mrs Harris

Mrs Greening

Mrs Spicer

Mrs Tesema

Mrs Nye


Site Manager

Mr Wills