Extreme Weather and School Closures

If we experience extreme weather this winter there is the possibility that the school may have to close.  Any decision to close is based on a number of factors but is primarily based on Health and Safety requirements and advice from the Local Authority.

If we are forced to close the decision will be made by 7am and the information will then be available via the following methods:

  • The school website

  • A text message will be sent out

  • Local radio (as detailed below)

  • County Council Website: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk


Radio Oxford and Heart FM make regular announcements about closures;

BBC Radio Oxford – VHF/FM 95.2

HEART (Thames Valley) – VHF/FM 102.6

Banbury Sound – VHF/FM 107.6

www.oxfordshire.gov.uk -the County Council website lists all school closures.


It is our aim, whenever possible, to keep the school open.  If we are not mentioned on the radio and information does not appear on either of the websites then you can be assured that we are open at normal times