Homework is given in all classes except Early Years at least once a week. It may be given in a variety of forms, such as:

  • Written – this might include finishing or extending work started in class.
  • Discovery work – i.e. using reference books, encyclopedia, the internet etc.
  • Reading – (see below)
  • Learning – spelling, tables etc.

Each teacher will organise the homework routine in his or her own classroom and communicate this information to parents at the beginning of the school year.

  • Early Years children will bring high-frequency words home to learn and may have some phonics work.
  • All classes will have regular spelling / tables / mental arithmetic tests.
  • All pupils are encouraged to read (or share with parents) a book of some description (not necessarily a school scheme book) every night.

As children become older homework will not necessarily be set more frequently. Obviously, the content of the work is very different in different Key Stages but it is not our aim to tie up large amounts of the child’s leisure time. The work set will not normally last more than half an hour.

Children are not expected to toil for hours over a piece of work they are finding difficult. It is important that any homework set has a clear aim, is linked to work taking place in school and is of use to all concerned.