Miss Vicky Jackson

Miss Vicky Jackson was inspired to become a teacher because…

When I started in nursery I had a lovely nursery teacher and at 3 years old I told my mum I want to be a teacher and I never changed my mind.

My favourite quote from a child is….

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said ‘When I grow up I want to be posh’.

My favourite teacher was …

Mr Guest because he taught me how to be a better scientist and a competitive runner.


BA Hons English and Education

PGCE Primary

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for 12 years (5 years in Primary and Early Years and 7 in Special Educational Needs). In mainstream education I have coordinated a range of subjects including English, RE, PE, PSHCE, Music and in Special Education I have been KS1, Early Years and Post-16 Lead. I have enjoyed teaching reading, sign language and netball clubs as part of my extra-curricular commitments and have been involved in the teaching of the Sound Reading Scheme and Team Teach to other staff members.


Mrs Sylvine Druce

I was inspired to become teacher because….

My inspiration to become a teacher came from my own primary schooling. I was initially very shy and was daunted by school at first (a definite crier in reception!). But I grew to really love my primary school years. I recall every teacher with fond memories, fun learning experiences, creative topics, yummy school dinners, great trips out, a live show experience on cable TV (when it first came out), and our first classroom computer! Most importantly I remember being cared for and taught by passionate and nurturing teachers, who made coming to school a great experience. I knew then, that I wanted to teach just like them and hopefully make school a fun learning experience for all!

My favourite teacher was….

Mrs Young, my year 6 teacher. She was just brilliant. I really felt I learnt a lot. I remember doing a Tudor time drama and a whole school crime topic. We all had a ‘special day’ in her class, where everyone had to say something kind or nice about you. I actually went back to her class to do my Year 9 work experience when I was at secondary school. And so my own teaching journey began!

After sixth form I went to university to study a BA Honours degree in English and Media Communications. After this I still had the teaching bug and knew it was my ultimate vocation, so I studied for my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

My favourite quote from a child (in reception, age 4)…

“I know where you can get one of those! You can just get one off eBay!”