Mrs Hannah Daniels  

Qualifications: I have been teaching for 12 years

Experience: BSc in Psychology from Durham and a PGCE from Newcastle.

I was inspired to become a teacher because…

Both my parents were teachers and had many friends who were teachers so I grew up around people who loved helping others to learn. I used to play “schools” as a child and always knew I wanted to work with children when I grew up.

My favourite teacher was…

My year 6 teacher Mrs Williams. Much of my time at primary school is now a distant blur but I remember her history lessons as she let us write our own plays and act them out, complete with costumes and props!


Mrs Claire McGeehan

Qualifications: BSc Psychology; PGCE primary teaching; Philosophy for children level 1 and 2;
Immersion course in teaching French – some of which undertaken in Lyon . 

I was inspired to become a teacher because…

I love working with children and believe that every child is a gift from God.

I was very fortunate to have some wonderful teachers in both primary and secondary school, who not only fostered my love of learning, but installed confidence in areas in which I was less certain.  It then became my goal to instil a love of learning in future generations as well as provide children with the self-belief and confidence that my teachers gave me. As a teacher, I feel lucky to work with such wonderful children who constantly amaze me with their knowledge and ideas. It is a vocation where there truly is never a dull moment.

My favourite teacher…

My history teacher who constantly enthused me with his passion for his subject, as well as never failing to make us laugh with his great sense of humour.