Mrs Kate MacLean  

Qualifications: BS(QTS) Mus. Hons.

I was inspired to become a teacher because….

I honestly can’t remember a time when Ididn’t want to teach. At the age of five all my teddies and dolls had reading books! I had a very positive experience of school myself but the biggest influence must have been my own dad who I am proud to say dedicated his whole working life to education as both a teacher and a headteacher. The fact that he provided me with ‘real registers’ to play with as a child helped too!

My favourite quote from a child:

‘I feel so alive’…. this was after an outdoor learning session in our school woods.

My favourite teacher was:

Mr. Johnson. He was my teacher in year 5 and 6. I remember fun learning, laughter and lots

of music in his class! I really appreciated and enjoyed the extra curricular music clubs he

ran. It really inspired me to teach music and to try and provide the same opportunities for



Mrs Siobhan Griffin

Qualifications: BSc Econ Hons degree in Geography and Development Studies from the University of Wales, Swansea; PGCE from Oxford Brookes

Experience: I taught for 10 years at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Primary School in Chipping Norton and have been at Saint John’s for 8 years now.  I’m also a past pupil of Saint John’s and Blessed George Napier!

What inspired me to become a teacher?

I was inspired to become a teacher when I travelled to Cape Town, South Africa after completing my University degree. While I was there, as well as waitressing in a fish restaurant in the Waterfront, I worked voluntarily In Khayelitsha township in a primary school. I absolutely loved it! The children were so keen to learn and I knew I wanted to make a difference.

 Classic quotes from children…

I have heard many classic quotes from the children I have taught over the years and I wish I had written them all down. I am sure they would make a great book.

For example – when discussing what they did on holiday a child said, “In the evening we saw a really funny Chameleon”. When quizzed about why it was funny, she said “He just told really funny jokes” “Ah you mean a comedian!” I replied. That always makes me smile!